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With regard to the compatibility of work and private life, we are basically talking about the three above-mentioned components.
famPLUS can help here as an infrastructure service.

As a social enterprise, we have set ourselves the goal of relieving the burden on professionals in the areas of childcare, eldercare, household and psychosocial counselling throughout Germany by providing tailor-made information, counselling and placement services.

For quality assurance purposes, famPLUS initiated DIN SPEC 77003 "Personal and household-related services - information, counselling and placement" and is certified by Dekra. The processes of our work were systematically analysed and parts of our work were digitalised on this basis.
Through our two-part, quality-tested counselling and placement process, we combine the advantages of modern internet technology with innovative social work according to DIN SPEC 77003. We are active all over Germany.

The modules childcare (including holiday and emergency childcare as well as household), eldercare (including household) and psychosocial counselling can be booked individually or together. In addition to on-site counselling, famPLUS also offers lectures and webinars. For specialised lectures and webinars in the field of eldercare, famPLUS is approved according to §45 SGB XI (German Social Code), so that these specialised lectures and webinars can be billed either via the respective employer or the care insurance funds. You can find more details on the offers of the individual modules under the respective menu items.

Our case management procedure


1. Screening & initial interview

  • Orientation phase

Recording of master data and case-related information, clarification of whether case management is to be implemented or whether counselling is to remain in the orientation phase.

2. Versorgungsplanung/ Bedarfs- und Bestandsaufnahme

2. Care planning/ needs assessment and inventory

  • Start solution phase

What is being sought? What is wanted?
Clarification of financing and framework conditions

3. Implementation / research or search

  • Searching for suitable care and support services in the region, clarifying whether capacities are available, counselling.

4. Planning discussion/ mediation

  • Planning of measures and control (care), mediation of suitable care proposals (child care)

5. Implementation

  • Care is implemented

6. Monitoring

  • Monitoring: Does care/eldercare fit, do changes need to be made or are new suggestions needed?

7. Evaluation

  • Evaluation of results and documentation

Our counselling and placement process

Kompass gross

Orientation phase

Information and nationwide offers are made available on our platform. Here, initial solutions or a concrete need can be identified online/ by phone/ face2face.


  • Online/ telephone / face2face counselling (up to 20min)
  • Parent and carer guide
  • Database of local services: Care services, emergency/holiday childcare etc.
  • Mediation of household-related services
  • Provision of internal marketing materials/measures


  • The costs for all employees are covered by an annual flat-rate provision fee from the company.

Solution phase

Through a personal contact person competent advice is provided to find individual and needs-oriented solution.


  • The employee goes through the complete famPLUS case management process
  • Counselling sessions and research/search (up to 6 months))


  • Each specific case is charged at a flat rate.
  • Counselling sessions of up to 60 min. without research/search: only pro rata case flat rate


If you are interested to use our services for your company, feel free to contact us. We will present our offer without obligation and see whether our offer fits your and your employees needs.

Dr. Markus Solf
+49 (0) 89 / 80 99 027 10
Johannes Winklmair
Fachbereichsleitung Pflegeberatung -Eldercare und Innovation

Case Manager im Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen (DGCC)

089 - 80 99 0 27 27
Claudia Kaltenecker
Fachbereichsleitung Lebenslagen-Coaching/ EAP & Elternberatung

Diplom-Soziologin/ Systemische Therapeutin

089 / 80 99 027 00
Ines Hoffmann
Ines Hoffmann
Leitung famPLUS Campus

Pflegepädagogin (B.A.), zert. Bildungsmanagerin (FH)

089 / 80 99 027 13
  • Initiator of DIN SPEC 77003: Personal and household services: Information, counselling and mediation and DIN SPEC 77004: Personal and household-related services: Service provision
  • Prequalified according to § 48 Para. 8 VgV
  • Eligible for reimbursement according to § 45 SGB XI
  • Practice partner of the Catholic Foundation College Munich (KSH)
  • Member of the Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und private Fürsorge e.V. (German Association for Public and Private Welfare) and the Förderverein der Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (Association for the Promotion of the German Economy Foundation)